Interview with Kyle Cassidy

Murdoc at did an interview with Kyle Cassidy, the author of Armed America, which if you don’t recall was the photobook which painted an excellent portrait of the diversity of American gun owners.

Here’s a short excerpt from the interview:

4. Did you run into many situations where other members of the gun-owner’s family didn’t necessarily agree with the decision to own guns or appear in the book?
It wasn’t uncommon to find a household that was “mixed” in that one person liked guns and the other person didn’t. But I think if I was going around photographing football fans or knitters I would have met plenty of spouses who said “I cannot stand my spouses hobby or the people that s/he votes for.” So, while it wasn’t unusual, I don’t think it was odd.

That’s an interesting point and something that is reflected in my own house.  My wife is not “into” guns in any way, she has gone shooting with me a couple of times it’s not really her cup of tea.  Similarly, I am not “into” her hobbies and interests as well.  That’s not to say that she doesn’t understand the RKBA movement and support it, because she does, but she’s not a shooter.