Tell me something I don’t know

Michelle Obama, in an attempt to explain away her husband’s statements about rural gun owners unintentionally hits the nail right on the head.

“If I’m telling you something that you don’t know, let me know,” she said. “Maybe things are better, and I’m just missing the boat and I’m out of touch.”

What really kills me is that even when she’s trying to sound like she’s joking around and (failing at) being light, she stills comes off as a condescending elitist.

H/T Sebastian


  1. Kal, I’m not exactly thrilled about McCain, but he represents the most palatable choice amongst the three.

    I would have voted for Bill Richardson in a heartbeat over McCain, but noooooooo your goddamn party has to pick two hard left candidates instead of an actual middle of the road person.

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