Obama Leading Hillary in Indiana

I wasn’t kidding when I said I would take advantage of Indiana’s open primary system to torpedo Obama. Now, this news from CNN that he’s leading Hillary by 5 percentage points in my own state is one straw closer to being the straw that breaks my back.

I’ve actually spent a lot of time thinking about this, and what I’m ultimately doing is gaming my “worst case scenario” here. To me, Obama winning is worst case scenario: worse so than Hillary winning because at least with Hillary I have the teeny-tiny hope that she’s politically savvy enough to remember being burned by the gun issue in the 90’s and that she’s not stupid enough to try and pull some shenanigans if she gets elected. Also, based on Obama’s recent statements, I think that she’s slightly less of a socialist than he is.

So, come May and the Indiana primary, I’ll cross party lines and vote for Hillary over Obama. I’m still voting for McCain in November, but right now I’m trying hedge my bets so that the worst case scenario of McCain not winning doesn’t give me someone who I am beginning to find almost offensive in his daily rhetoric.


  1. Okay friend, here’s the deal: If you’re going to try to torpedo Barack Obama’s campaign, even if you don’t respect him, even if you don’t like him — hell, even if you wish him dead — can you at least have the common decency to spell his name correctly? I say that only because I really feel misspellings damage any kind of credibility you might have. How would NRA members feel if I’d spelled his name Charlston Heston?

  2. I am not suprised at your comments.nervous Republicans like you want HC to win coz she is easy prey for Republicans come NOV.
    You will be suprised that she will not.Prepare to hang yourselves or swallow razor blades coz come Jan 09 we will be saying
    ” US president Barack Obama said etc etc etc.

  3. Spelling error rectified, that was an unintentional oversight on my part.

    Joseph, unfortunately it’s not that I’m “nervous” about Obama winning – in fact my voting for Hillary is based on the operating assumption that McCain is going to lose, and assuming that which of the democratic candidates would I rather have as my President. Based on that, I’d pick Hillary over Barack any day of the week.

  4. Caleb,
    You are fre to support whomsoever you want but honestly i would request you to support Obama.
    Honestly we need change in this great land of America.
    I know you know this pretty well but you are just posing difficult.
    I can bet my head that Obama will bring about change and no wonder we say YES WE CAN!!!
    Please reconsider your support for HC. She is just worth few cents politically at this moment but if she apologizes for all the nasty stuff that comes out of her wide mouth ,then we shall petition President Obama consider her for VP.
    Ofcourse since he is not a bitter chap he will say Yes we Can!!! consider her coz we are not bitter!!!!!!
    Hope you get it right this time round.

  5. That’s my problem RIGHT THERE with Obama and his supporters, the rhetoric of change. “Yes we can” what?

    You’re right, I do want change for my country, but I want that change to be positive, and not administered by a heavy handed elitist who thinks that I am arbitrarily bad because I make over a certain amount of money and have no desire to have my tax burden increased simply because he thinks that I should “share my pie”.

    I’m voting for McCain in November no matter who wins the Democratic primary.

  6. I have indigestion.

    I don’t like McCain. I have said that I will not vote for him, and I will stand by my statement. However, I prefer him over the other two choices in much the same way that I’d rather die from lethal injection as opposed to electrocution or hanging.

    I therefore find myself in the odd position of rooting for Hillary (hawwwk… spit!) in the primaries because I’m fairly certain that she’d lose to McCain in the general, while Sen. Hopeychangey would beat Col. Tighe like a drum.

  7. I don’t like McCain either – but like you said I prefer him to my other choices. One of things I haven’t talked about is the heartburn that I’m getting from publicly saying that I’m going to vote for Hillary, because honestly it does kind of wrench in my gut every time I say it, but then I look at the Obamessiah and my stomach turns even harder.

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