1. find yourself a tree, cut it down, and start carving/sanding until it looks right 🙂

    you can get barrels everywhere. that’s a browning right? surely you can also find a barrel on one of those auction sites.

  2. Technically it’s a Remington Model 11, which is the Browning A-5 made under license by Remington.

    It’s also the first John Moses Browning designed firearm that I’ve owned, so I’m sure that will increase my “street cred” with the cool kids.

  3. Caleb,

    First, congrats on acquiring such a damn fine example of such a lovely and classic arm. Gawd, that’s gorgeous!

    Next, as a home defense gun, do keep in mind that it’s a recoil-operated firearm.

    So, just like what happens when ‘limp-wristing’ a 1911, your Brownington can and might fail to fully cycle if the butt isn’t adequately braced against shoulder or hip, or, a very very firmly braced forearm on the pistol grip.

    Just don’t let it free-recoil if not fired in a firmly mounted position, and all should be well. DO however, conduct your training sessions to experience all of it’s vagaries in all shooting postures, even bad ones.

    Then, as long as it cycles reliably, even in simulating “wounded, shooting one-handed”, then put it under the bed for it’s appointed mission, and sleep well.

    Until you’ve proven it though, sleep well with something known as dependable, close to hand. A dependable gun I mean….a gun! for cryin’ out loud! (my apologies to Mrs. Ahab!)

    My $0.02, etc etc.

    Sloop New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  4. Don’t worry Jim, the Taurus 9mm isn’t leaving the nightstand until I’m 100% sure of the reliability of the new gun. And then the Taurus will just move over to sleep next to Mrs. Ahab.

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