BAG Day!

BAG Day is here! What did the Gun Fairy bring you for BAG Day? Unless something goes horribly wrong in the next 10 or so hours, the Gun Fairy will be bringing me a nicely re-blued Remington Model 11 20 gauge receiver/action. Just the action and receiver, I’ll have to buy the stock and barrel later from elsewhere. But the price was so good, and I love buying things on Gunbroker so I just had to have it. I’m going to put a nice 18/19 inch barrel on it and use it for a home defense scattergun, a category in which my gun locker has been sorely lacking.

The finished product should look roughly like the below, although in 20 gauge instead of 12. Photo by Oleg Volk, lifted from The Arms Room. It’s a gorgeous photo, click to enlarge it. I hope that mine looks half that good.

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