Podcast: BAG Day

Check out today’s podcast on Buy-a-Gun Day. It’s covering the different types of firearms I’m recommending, as well as a few that I’m interested in. Remember, BAG Day is tomorrow so support your sport!


If the embedded flash player doesn’t play the audio correctly, just hit the link labeled “download” to listen, or you can click this link to download it on iTunes. The embedded flash player doesn’t always like Internet Explorer 6, however audio should play fine in Firefox or Internet Explorer 7.


  1. Sadly, the wife did taxes late and will not be getting the money needed for my new toy,which will be a P32 Keltec.

  2. The wife put her .357 snubbie on lay-away for BAG Day. A kick ass Taurus 817, seven shot.

    Great podcast, looking forward to finally listening in on the rest.

  3. I think it’s Kahr Arms/Auto-Ordnance which makes the replica M1s. An important distinction, given that Thompson Center pops-up as the first hit when Googling “Thompson arms”.

    Even .50 caliber blackpowder rifles seem to freak out anti-gunners. ‘Course, black powder cannons can also be purchased…

  4. I ended up grabbing a Mosin nagant 91/30 on my C&R, but I’m saving my pennies for an M-14 Carbine by election time for the reasons you say.

    Also I shoot sporting clays on a semi-regular basis, and my wife has a Beretta Ureka 12 guage, but I prefer to shoot with my Mossberg 590. Honestly you don’t need a $1000+ Over-under to shoot trap/skeet/clays, a pump or semi-auto you’re comfortable will should be enugh. In the end its like any shooting discapline. So long as the gun you use isn’t a total lemon, the skill of the shooter will always be a greater factor than the quality of the firearm used.

    I’d just recomend somthing in 12, as that larger shot patter will help you get the hang of it, rather than being frustrated as you start out. (tho trap is fairly quick to learn)

    Good Luck!

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