1. “The Sentinel”? Isn’t that a Priest song, about a guy slaughtering a bunch of others with throwing knives, in a V for Vendetta-esque way?

  2. It’s also at least two movies (one’s a horror flick that was possibly the basis for the song to which you refer?), a TV show, numerous newspapers, and a short story by Arthur C. Clark that was eventually expanded into “2001 a Space Odyssey.”

    Probably many more that I’m not aware of.

    We picked the name (or, more accurately, I picked the name and no one came up with anything any better) to reflect our intended purpose as the watchdog and early warning system for Virginia Gun Owners. We thought the title fit our purpose and also meshed with the theme of the other VCDL publication, the “Defender” newsletter.

    Hey, I think I just wrote a blog post.

    Anyway, thanks for the linky-love my friend.

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