Which side plays dirty?

I have heard on many occasions people accuse NRA of playing dirty, or using cheap tricks to further their political point.  I have always disagreed, and pointed to NRA’s track record in that regards, but it’s usually to no avail.  I have also usually not pointed to cheap and dirty tactics from the other side, but that stops today – namely because the Brady Campaign is doing something so crass that it’s repulsive.

They were planning a protest at the memorial service for the 1-year anniversary of VA Tech; however they were denied a permit by the school.  The school says that the memorial is not for making political points, and is sticking to their guns.  The Brady Campaign however plans on crashing the memorial and staging a “lie-in” with or without a permit.

The Brady Campaign sent out a media advisory last Thursday announcing the event, planned in conjunction with the gun control group ProtestEasyGuns.com. Hamm said the gun-control groups had not discussed the event with the university, but he was initially discouraged by what he saw as a hard-line stance by the university against issuing a permit. He said this morning that the event would go ahead as scheduled — permit or no permit.

I see that Petey Hamm is keeping it classy as usual.  The real kicker is that even the student body has expressed concern about the Brady Campaign’s planned protest.  The Student Government passed a resolution requesting that any potential protesters respect the community’s desires and not make a political mess out of April 16th.

Like I said, Brady Campaign: Keepin’ it Classy.  Uncle has more on the woes of the Bradys.


  1. We’re talking about it over at the brand-spanking new VCDL blog.

    Full disclosure: I’m one of the brand spanking new VCDL staff bloggers. Official announcement of the brand spanking new VCDL blog hasn’t been made yet but should be forthcoming soon so you’re one of the first to be in the know.

    Further disclosure: I’m spamming this comment on a couple of blogs that are talking about the issue. Bad form, I know, but I wanted to get the word out about the brand spanking new VCDL Blog.

  2. You mean that the Brady’s actually have 32 people on their side of things?

    Oh, yeah. They are probably getting paid for assisting in the protest. I forgot.

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  4. Well since the Brady’s plan on protesting despite being denied a permit I hope they get thrown off campus.

  5. Well, I sure hope the VT campus police is on the ball and arrests the Brady folks for trespassing. It isn’t like they’ll be able to bring any media bias against the school for having them forcibly removed in violation of VT policy, right?

    I’d pay good money or drive down there to watch Paul Helmke being led away in handcuffs. Him martyring himself in this way for his cause I can definitely get behind!

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