Podcast: Women and guns

Check out today’s podcast on women and the shooting sports. I’d like to thank Rachel Lucas, Bitter, and Breda for participating in the podcast, their answers were excellent and quite illuminating.


If the embedded flash player doesn’t play the audio correctly, just hit the link labeled “download” to listen, or you can click this link to download it on iTunes.  We’ll be back to our regular podcast schedule next Monday.


  1. It’s .us because .com was taken. I’m pretty sure it was a porn site at one point. I had a guy contact me offering to sell it for several hundred dollars, but I pointed out that I had already shot to the top of the Google ranks with my own domain, thanks. 🙂

  2. The “I don’t go anywhere where I need to carry” is a phraze I’m guilty of myself. A friend and activist for Second Amendment Sisters once retorted “How are you sure you won’t need it?”

    On a similar angle I’ve been in a total of 6 car accidents. None with personal injury, and as far as I can tell none that really put any tension on my safty belt. I’ve seen people bruised to hell who WERE wairing a belt in a more severe accident, so I can safely say in my 30 years I’ve never needed a saftey belt. Do I wair it every time I’m in a car? Hells YES! Why? Because that one time I don’t put it on will be the time Murphy decides to call the shots, and being paralized, brain damaged, or dead isn’t worth not putting on the belt.

    I think the same thing with CCW. That one time I’m thinking “I’m safe without my gun” will be the day I’m proven wrong.

    Not on my watch

  3. Mike, that happens with some browsers. If you click on either of the “download” links, the file will play correctly.

  4. In IE 6.0 you sound like Alvin the Chipmunk. The download link worked better…

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