Guns and the Grand Canyon

Upon entering the Grand Canyon yesterday, the first thing I was greeted with was a large sign saying “no firearm”, referring to the current National Park Service rule which prohibits the carrying of concealed weapons in National Parks.  Now, you also know that NRA and the Senate are working to change this rule, but it currently remains in affect.

What I found amusing about the “no firearms” sign was that during our walking and driving through the park, I saw no fewer than a dozen signs warning of the dangers of approaching wildlife.  Things like “do not approach coyotes, they can bite and inflict serious injury” or “mountain lion area, use caution” were pretty common place.

I understand that wildlife is dangerous, and the park is under a legal obligation to post signs warning stupid tourists that it’s a bad idea to throw your ham sandwich to the cougar; it just seems odd that they would then deny you access to the tool that we invented in part because a human being is not a psychical match for a cougar in a fight.


  1. You should become a criminal; then you could just disarm the cougar and kill it with its own claws and teeth.

    Problem solved!

  2. ZOMG! Psionic cougars!! They come to fry your brains!!

    (physical match, not psychical…)

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