Straw Purchases

A woman in Baltimore was arrested for making an actual straw purchase.

In the court documents, Brzezenski admitted to signing the forms for the purchase of the Taurus but that her boyfriend selected the weapon and paid for it on his credit card.

The woman’s boyfriend is a drug dealer, hence why said straw purchase is illegal.  It’s illegal to purchase a firearm for someone who would be prohibited from owning said firearm, that’s the very definition of a straw purchase.

Once again, it seems that actually enforcing the laws that are on the books seems to be a lot more effective than passing more laws.


  1. Oooh, oooh, I know a better way! Let’s make a law making it so that if someone buys a death machine at a death machine store, then EVERYONE in the store gets a background check! I mean, if you don’t think that’s fair then you definitely support the terrorists, mexicans, crazy folk, and felons.

    It’s just common sense!

  2. Let’s see what kind of penalty, if any, is meted out to this pair. I’ll bet she gets off with probation.

    This appears to be a clear case of a knowing, conscious, deliberate straw purchase. Give ’em each ten years in a federal prison a thousand miles from home. See if that sends a message.

    Just my two cents.

  3. Note they dropped ALL of the charges against the BF – the “real” criminal.

    She’ll get some sort of slap on the wrist, after all, she’s just a poor, abused woman…

    Both should be put away.


  4. Enforcing the laws as they exist results in Army reservists in Wisconsin getting convicted (and kicked out of the reserves) of transferring a MG, when the AR he lends to a friend has a “hammer follow”…… That same level of Enforcement Ass-millinery could also get parents in trouble for buying their kids a single shot .22 Cricket for their 8 YO to shoot in a 4-H Club……

    The Law is like any other tool: It is the Character of its user that determines whether it is used for good or evil. The problem with our faceless Bureaucracy is that Evil men can hide behind their tools, the alphabet soups of agencies capriciously enforcing gun laws in this country.

  5. JimBob, I do actually think that the current laws on the books should be reformed, and in some cases, tossed out completely. But if I had to pick between keeping all the gun laws we currently have or getting more laws tacked on, I’d rather keep what we’ve got.

    But I do agree that the system needs to be completely overhauled from top to bottom.

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