HB 89 still alive in Georgia

The concealed carry reform bill in Georgia, which had been shipped off to negotiators where many assumed it would die seems to have had some new life breathed into it; “insiders” say that it may come out of negotiations today.

Despite it being gutted by the Senate, the amendments added on to the bill would be a good start in reforming concealed carry in Georgia.  During previous discussions, I had it pointed out to me repeatedly how messed up Georgia’s carry laws are.  The passage of HB 89 would definitely be a boon for CCW holders in Georgia.

Also in the linked article, there is discussion about HB 257, which would allow carry on MARTA trains and in restaurants where alcohol is served, provided the CCW holder doesn’t imbibe.  It looks like HB 257 stands a decent chance of passing as well; if all goes well Georgians are looking at some serious improvements to their concealed carry laws.