BAG Day Reminder

11 days and counting until BAG Day – time to coalesce your wish list from the fifteen guns that are currently on it down to one or two or five candidates.  Here’s what I’m looking at for BAG Day, in no particular order:

  1. 2 Colt Jr .25 ACP pistols
  2. The Tactical Folding Stock M1 Carbine
  3. A .44 caliber ’58 Remington clone + .45 Colt conversion cylinder
  4. Another Ruger 10/22 and a 1:9 twist barrel for firing the Aguila SniperSubSonic

What are you guys looking for?


  1. Our list is pretty basic:

    1 .357 Snubbie for the Mrs
    2 12ga pump
    3 Combloc rifle (SKS?)
    4 Finish the AR
    5 new carry pistol

  2. Getting today a Rock Island 1911.

    Wish list:

    Ruger Single Six
    Stoeger Cougar
    Henry Leveraction in .22LR/L/S
    Rossi 92 in .38/.357

    Heck, if they have one reasonably priced when I go get the 1911, I may get one of the wish list, too…

  3. Finish the AMT Hardballer Long Slide Framed custom job
    – Need barrel fitted and a jig to fit the beaver tail
    Hi-Standard .22 Sportking (and maybe another for the old lady)
    Daewoo DR-300

    And maybe a handful of reloading dies. The Custom job has been taking me too long so it needs to be done, but when I don’t know.

  4. Springfield Armory XD-45 Tactical. Gotta love a 5″ barrel .45 with a grip safety and a thumb safety. It’s a 1911 for the 21st century, with 6 more rounds in the magazine to boot!

  5. A Ruger Single Six 22lr/22wm if I can find one locally (I haven’t yet) or a Glock 19 and a 22lr kit for my 1911.

  6. Ok, got the RIA 1911.

    The Stoeger Cougar was only *censored*, but since I didn’t bring my whole BAG Fund, I’ll have to go back tomorrow. 30 miles across town. At least today, work is half way…

  7. I put my order in for a custom DPMS LR-308 two months ago and I just sent off the “Any ideas when I might get my sweaty paws on it” e-mail today…..

    The Ruger LCP I picked up two weeks ago – meh…

    I’m working on the extractor as it LOVES to tear the hell out of the brass. 🙁

  8. guy, its not the extractor that is doing that… go over to there are several posts about it… its a small piece that needs to be milled out of the metal… ruger has already changed their design process

  9. Still recovering from that M1A purchase at Christmas, but I would like to get a Bersa Thunder 380acp in nickel or a Saiga 12 gauge with drum magazine, or a Puma 92 454 Casull in stainless.

  10. .357 revolver, we’ll see if anything tickles my fancy. been looking for more than a year, but folks are awfully proud of ’em around here.

    If you go with the carbine, I’d recommend putting an ultimak rail in place of the barrel shroud. i put one one along with a simmons red dot scope and it’s a ball to shoot. I had to replace the wood stock when it cracked last about a year ago. surfing cheaper than dirt for new lumber and I found a black polymer stock for 40 dollars, so now I have a really really evil black rifle!


  11. Almost no $$$ for BAG Day, but thinking about adding an SKS to the locker. Won’t hurt to have another rifle that can use the 7.62 Russian stockpile.

  12. Picked up my BAG Day hardware yesterday, so I’m doing the annual guess-what Blog Ad contest until the 15th. From guesses so far, it’s not as obvious as I thought.


  13. Went back and got the Stoeger Cougar. They had the 9mm and the .40 S&W for the same price, and since I’ve got three other 9mms and only one other .40 S&W, I got it in .40 S&W.

    Put 50 rounds through it and another 50 through the RIA 1911.

    Both very nice.

    The only hiccup was the RIA had a single failure to go completely into battery, by about 1/16th of an inch. But since neither had been cleaned (the Cougar went from gunshop to shooting in about 30 minutes) and were shooting Blazer aluminum, I’m not worried about it.

  14. Uh…. not sure.

    Everything I want is either WAAAY put of my range (Barrett “fiddy” or an Accuracy International .338 Lapua)


    Isn’t available yet (Masada, FN SCAR, KRISS)

    Maybe, just maybe, this’ll be the year I get me a can.

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