I just can’t do it

I try and I try, but I just can’t get through a single episode of Futureweapons. I have nothing but respect for anyone who has served, especially in the SEALs; but the host of the show is just so over the top that I can’t deal with it.

Last night I was channel flipping and Futureweapons was on; the episode where he was playing with the KRISS SMG. I saw it and stopped and was like “ooh, KRISS, neato”; and then about 6 seconds later I just had to change the channel. I’m sure that he’s really nice in person, but Richard Machowicz is such a toolbag while he’s hosting that I’m completely turned off to the show.

I can’t blame it entirely on him though, because I’m sure that a lot of his dialogue is written to be “intense” or whatever; but it just comes off as lame. Especially when he’s talking about firearms. Give me Jim Scouten or Michael Bane any day of the week over that guy.


  1. I guess he’s told to act like every weapon is the Greatest Thing Ever Made.

  2. I don’t think REAL Gunnies or military personel are the target demographic. I’d say teen boys, and mallninjas is who they’re selling ad-space for.

  3. He’s so over the top I keep wondering if he fell afoul of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

  4. it’s the oh-mah-gawd this is so cool I have to stage whisper all my dialogue that kills me every time I stumble across that show. If he’d talk to the audience like his talking to his friends, I might be able to watch the show for longer than 90 seconds.


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