Registration leads to confiscation

Always.  Dustin has a video up on how the gun registration in Canada eventually led to the confiscation of various guns that had been registered.

Check it out.

It’s a little old, but it’s definitely germane.  I don’t normally go in for fear-mongering, but when it comes to registration I don’t feel like I’m being unrealistic.  Historically, registration has always led to confiscation, in England, Canada, Germany, every time.


  1. I just sent out my registration form for the 91-30 I just bought using my C&R FFL.

    You may think it sounds like fear-mongering when you live in a free state. But Gun registration happens here in non-free states, where our numbers are smaller and the general populous does not respect our rights.

    Here in Mass we’re just one bill away from confiscation.

  2. Don’t forget California… where they’ve already had gun confiscations based on registration.

  3. California had the same problem…One attorney general said they would never confiscate so-called “assault weapons.” Only asked that they be registered. The next attorney general elected said no one should own them. Ordered they all be turned in. Gave about a year grace period with criminal penalties for those who didn’t. And of course they had a list to work from. I think they were willing to pay up to $250 or $350 per firearm turned in. So you wouldn’t feel like your property was being stolen . …

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