How to scare a reporter

Buy an AK clone.

But it was unremarkable in that one of the guns brandished was an AK-47-type rifle — a powerful, rapid-fire weapon that has long been used in Third World conflicts but is increasingly being used in American street fights.

The media apparently goes in cycles with this stuff, every 4-6 months seems to be turning into “AKs are the devil” month.


  1. Someone should pull out a Kahr Arms Thompson-clone and ask these reporters if it is a machine gun. This “rapid-fire” meme has to be put to bed. The fact that they don’t seem to care means they have terrible ethical problems.

  2. Already got one…WASR-10. It’s very nice. I also have a Norinco SKS, too, with lots of loaded stripper clips in the pockets of its carrying case.

    I’m still holding out on getting an AR-15 but maybe ought to get one before November just in case…

  3. WASR-10 here too.

    I’ve also got a WASR-22, (.22LR AK clone) and I put it next to my father-in-law’s .17HMR and asked, if the feds showed up to confiscate firearms, which one would get all the attention.

    FWIW, the WASR-22 was fun but fairly unreliable. I think its the magazines.

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