Buy a Gun (BAG) Day is coming up in a few short weeks.  Put that tax money to valuable use by purchasing a firearm; this year I’m strongly recommending that people get black rifles.  Barring that, get a semi-auto pistol and loads of hi-cap magazines.  Last year, my BAG Day was quite successful, I walked out of Gander Mtn. in Indianapolis with a Taurus PT92 (which I love) and 5 17 round magazines for it.

Start planning your BAG Day, because if you’re like me (read: married) you’ll probably need to do some begging.


  1. I’m not getting an EBR right now. I’m going to spend my not-free guv’t prebated check on that. I am, however, getting my first 1911. I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl.

  2. I’m getting my EBR chambered in 6.8 Remington SPC. Unfortunately, they’re out of 16″ barrels right now, so I’ve got like another 3 weeks of waiting.

    So, yeah, I jumped the gun (pun VERY much intended) on BAG day. Sue me.

  3. Yeah, but from the sound of it, you won’t actually HAVE the gun until after BAG. I am hoping my cruffling permission slip from batfe would arrive before BAG.

  4. From what I’m hearing, the supply of cheap AK-47 semi-auto variants will be drying up shortly, so I think that’s going to be my BAG Day acquisition…

  5. [quote]Put that tax money to valuable use by purchasing a firearm[/quote]

    I don’t understand your premise? I will likely have to sell a gun to get money to pay my tax burden

  6. Already have the XD45 Service on order at my local shop, with 3 extra 13 round mags for it.

    Will probably pick it up on the 16th…

    GF is an accountant, and she has a party the night of the 15th for the firm, to celebrate the end of tax.

  7. I’m selling my poodleshooter since it’s languished for a long time as a safe queen.

    With the proceeds, I’m planning on getting a 1911 and a Ruger Single Six.

  8. hmmm, ok ill play… im gonna get an AR lower to start my build… a henry youth lever action .22 for my 9 year old… and a ruger 22/45 for fun

  9. Too late. I Feb. I got a Ruger New Vaquero, a Henry Big Boy and an AK. I do have a Ruger LCP on order for the Missus, though.

  10. Not sure I’ll be picking up anything on BAG, since the first of the year, I’ve purchased 4 Browning HP’s, S&W M&P, XD Tactical, FNP9, S&W 1911 PD, a Romanian AK, A Winchester 1200, & got a Savage 111 in 30.06 for my birthday. Although my sweetheart saw a pair of 1911 grips she really liked, & told me I should but a gun to put them on.

  11. Maybe time to break down and get me an AR-15 after all.
    Or at least a Mini-14

    I also recently picked up a Springfield XD compact in .45 acp—sweeeet!
    It has a sticker on it that says in big block letters “Not Legal In California”
    I guess that’s thanks to Ahnuld’s doing…

    So glad I got my WASR-10 (AK clone) when I did a couple of years back.
    I have a couple of SKS’es, too.

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