Ammo Accountability

Thanks to Sebastian, I’m listening to the interview with Russ Ford from Ammunition Coding Systems, the company that’s behind Ammunition Accountability, which is lobbying to pass legislation that would make ACS’s technology mandatory on all ammo.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Now, Cam essentially feeds this guy his own head in the interview; but what disturbs me is how cavalier Russ Ford comes off in the whole thing. His attitude during the duration of the interview is basically “I don’t care about ammo manufacturers, it’s up to them to figure out how to enact this untested technology and they have to bear the cost as well”.

My favorite part is when Cam said that “no one has an obligation to help you with an idea they think is stupid”; this was in response to Russ saying that he’d received no help from ammo companies to do R&D work for him. Cam’s point, that he keeps coming back to is that Russ never says how this could be successfully integrated into modern manufacturing processes, and has no points to refute all the experts from Remington, SAAMI, and others saying that it’s impossible to implement.

I really don’t like that at the end of the interview, Russ plays the “I’m a shooter like you” card; for some reason that really rubs me the wrong way. Also, I should point out that the links that Russ said they were going to put on the Ammunition Accountability site so that people know it’s part of ACS aren’t up there.

The link to Snowflakes in Hell has all five parts of the interview on Youtube. If you haven’t listened to, listen to the whole thing. It’s actually quite important.

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  1. I think they might have been astroturfing the forum, trying to drum up support for this thing.

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