Red Sox open Season with Win

At the ungodly hour of 3am Pacific Time, the Red Sox kicked off the 2008 Major League Baseball Season in Tokyo, Japan against the Oakland A’s.  And what an opening game it was, going to 10 innings to be won by Manny on a double, which he seemed to think was going to leave the park.

I like that MLB had the Sox open the season in Japan, I like that they’re trying to do more to play to the world wide appeal of baseball.  Secretly, I hope that one day my kids or grandkids will talk about major league teams from all over the world, about having the Sox travel to Japan or Mexico to play professional teams in those areas.

I’m not going to stay up until 3am to watch the Sox, so I’ll have to catch highlights on SportsCenter again like I did for this game, but congrats on the win guys.  Keep it up.

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