The ol’ Homestead

Yeah, that sounds like Hendricks’ county.

People’s Law Commissioner Steve Carter of Indiana has ordered the evil bourgeoise oil companies and their running dog lackeys at three petrol stations to return moneys that they took from the good proletariat of Hendricks County. It seems that these exploiters of the people cleverly entered into voluntary agreements with the honest proles, and then… here’s where the exploitation happens, so watch closely… delivered the agreed-upon amount of goods at the agreed-upon price!

Basically, what happened is one gas station raised their price to like $4, and then three others did, and people paid the price.  Now one of Todd Rokita’s boys is calling it price gouging and making the gas stations refund the customers.

Essentially, he’s punishing the gas stations because people were too dumb/lazy to drive another ten minutes and get to a gas station that had gas for $3.40 a gallon, or whatever it is out there right now.