Countdown to Tuesday

Heller oral arguments are on Tuesday.  If you are a man or woman of faith, then I would exhort you to follow the suggestion of Clayton Cramer.

Pray for Alan Gura, the attorney representing us before the Supreme Court Heller. He is carrying a considerable responsibility, and this is his first case that he will argue before the Supreme Court.

If you’re not a religious person, then do whatever it is that you would do to wish a person good luck and good skill in what will no doubt be a difficult moment.

In other Heller news, I caught a bit of Paul Helmke on Fox News this morning, he was talking with someone whose name I didn’t catch as I only caught the end of the segment regarding the Heller case.  It was pretty much the same old song and dance from Paul, he would talk about “safety”, and “protecting our communities” and “militia” stuff.  Even when the pro-gun chap would refute his points, all Paul would do is repeat exactly what he had just said, but slightly re-worded.

One point that was made by Paul that I wholeheartedly agree with is that the Heller decision, whatever it is will have a great affect on the race for El Presidente.  The candidates will be forced to address the issue, like it or not because we’ve never had a landmark case like this so close to an election.