Blast from the past

Browsing Youtube at night is dangerous, you just might run across a video that someone put together of the commercials for the Hellstorm Trigger System, and the GAT Trigger.

If you don’t remember the Hellstorm, it was basically a $30 piece of metal that made it slightly easier to bump fire your semi-autos and not hit anything.  The GAT trigger was better, sort of, in that it allowed you to fire from the supported shoulder position, but you had to make a really inappropriate motion with your finger to get the thing going.  Now, maybe my mind’s in the gutter on that one, but I calls ’em as I sees ’em.

The video is here, in all its awful 80’s glory.  Look at those clothes, man.

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  1. This gives me an idea: It would be illegal to have a motorized trigger-puller (see vulcan cannon), however would a motorized trigger resetter be illegal? I wonder… (it probably would be…)

    Or maybe a special glove could be made that allows one’s finger to be a “full-auto finger”…

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