Air Force retiring Stealth Fighter

Air Force is retiring the nearly 30 year old F-117 Stealth Fighter.

I’ll be sad to them go, I remember as a child watching the occassional Stealth fly over my house on it’s way to Edwards or the Skunkworks and thinking to myself “that is an ugly plane”.  Still, by virture of my house’s location, I had an opportunity that not a lot of our enemies had – to actually see a Stealth.  Most of the time, they just heard a “whooshing” sound and then didn’t hear much of anything.

I won’t be as sad to see the F-117 go as I will be when they eventually decide to have the old A-10 hang up her cleats, but the Stealth Fighter was an innovation and an effective weapon.  It’s too bad.


  1. Boyd, they will only keep them so the Army won’t get them. For it is the best damn ground support and tank busting plane ever made.

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