Happy Hour with Michael Bane

Attendees of the 2a Blog Bash will get to enjoy happy hour with Michael Bane on Friday the 16th, at the Bass Pro Shop in Clarksville, Indiana.

If you’ve got a good cable provider, you can check out Michael’s show on the Outdoor Channel, as part of their Wednesdays at the Range TV package, which also includes Shooting USA, and American Rifleman TV.

You can also find Michael online at his blog, or at Downrange TV.

I’ll be there, and a lot of other bloggers will be there.  If you’ve not already confirmed your attendance for the 2A Blog Bash, do it now.   One link for bloggers, and another for readers.

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  1. To quote one of your posts:
    and rifles to pop off prairie dogs over an afternoon in the countryside with a case of beer. (because we’re alcoholics as well)

    I just don’t see how having a “Happy Hour” whose logo is an eagle with a big mug of beer does much to change our image of being alcoholics.

    Since this is being held at a Bass Pro Shop, there might not be any actual booze involved so I’m not going to make that assumption. Couldn’t someone have come up with a better name/logo, though? Being a non-drinker I wouldn’t want to attend an event with that name if for no other reason than not wanting people to find me guilty by association.

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