Evil Assault Weapons

When I was a young warthog, my brothers and I played with LEGO bricks all the time.  We would construct elaborate armies that would have at one another across time and space, pirates fighting modern cops, spacemen fighting knights, etc.

One of the biggest problems with our battles was a shortage of weapons pieces.  At the time LEGO only provided muskets and smoothbore pistol pieces, and some weird looking rayguns.  So our modern forces were actually quite outgunned.  However, in one of the coolest things I’ve seen, which is also sure to induce PSH in overprotective mommies, a company called BrickArms is producing LEGO sized AKs, Uzis, and other modern weapons for use with your LEGO troops.

BrickArms can help you build your private army with everything you need, from the superadvanced Colonial Marines’ Xeno Pulse Rifles to NATO’s G36 Assault Rifles to vintage German Rocket Propeller Grenade launchers, PPK pistols with Brausch silencers and Magnum revolvers. If your private army is a bunch of LEGO minifigs, that is.

It’s one of those things that I wish I had known about when I was a kid, because my LEGO warriors would have been loaded for bear, aliens, or whatever else came along.  I also suspect it’s a rather highly in demand item, since LEGO (the company) doesn’t seem interested in producing pulse rifles for their toys, which means that a third party will have to do the dirty work.

Be careful though, I’m pretty sure that said toys are probably banned in California.


  1. I imagine it won’t be long until some PSH group starts whining about how it is corrupting The Children®, and want them banned.

  2. In MA they’d need little teeny trigger locks and gun safes to go with them.

    And even at that, the guns wouldn’t be on the ALR (Approved Legos Roster) and as such could only be brought in state by people moving in.

    Sad part is, it’s barely exaggeration…

  3. I think I took one of the LEGO space sets and turned it into a Scud missile launcher…

  4. Just curious………….. what’s a “rocket propeller grenade” ???? Something out of “Sectet Weapons of the Luftwaffe” perhaps?

    Jay G.- Why couldn’t anyone with a lego set build their OWN gunsafe?

  5. And you do know about the miniatures wargaming rules using lego figures, don’t you?

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