Interview with Eric Thompson

As a follow-up to my post here on the LA Times article about Eric Thompson, I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Thompson yesterday over the phone.  We wanted to give Eric an opportunity to openly discuss everything from his business to internet gun sales, and everything inbetween.


As you listen to the interview, we did cover a pretty broad range of topics, from the firearms business to arming teachers and a lot of stuff in between; however there are a couple of key areas I wanted to focus on.

The first one was pretty early in the interview, where we discussed the reality of internet gun sales.  As most of you guys know, you can’t just (generally speaking) buy guns and have them shipped to your front door, and Eric takes you through what happens when or any of his other 99 sites sells a firearm online.

Near the end of the interview, we spent a good amount of time talking about campus carry and guns on college campuses in general; one of the things that Eric brought up was the current popularity of schools putting “emergency warning systems” or similar things in to deal with school shooting situations.  Eric quite accurately pointed out that these “solutions” are really nothing more than band-aids, a “feel good” solution that doesn’t actually address the issue of a dangerous armed lunatic on campus.

One of the other topics that we touched on a couple of times was the lack of knowledge that most people have about about firearms in general, and the people who carry them.  In talking about gun control, he mentions how it seems like so many people who support gun control just keep trying the same thing over and over again, even though he (and I) learned in 2nd grade that if something does work the first couple of times, you need to try something new.

We closed up a bit with discussion on the upcoming NRA convention, Eric is a supporter and member of the NRA, and is hoping to be able to attend the convention later this year.  I’d personally look forward to meeting him if he can turn up to the Annual Meeting.

Listen to the entire interview, it’s a hair under 23 minutes long, but Eric makes it well worth listening to.  He has exellent opinions on DC vs. Heller, campus carry, and a whole host of other topics; give it a listen.

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  1. Your voice is pretty good for this “podcasting” thing.

    Those 99 websites seem to come dangerously close to a Search Engine Optimization scheme.

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