Cold Steel Knives

Last night I finally got around to watching my “Sword Proof” video that I had picked up from the guys at Cold Steel during SHOT ’08.  I must say that it’s pretty cool from an engineering point of view, how well the knives and swords that they’re demonstrating cut through stuff.

What does make the video interesting is that they don’t just cut through bamboo, cardboard and tatami mats, they also do some other stuff like stuff a pant leg full of meat and cut through that, cut an entire (already dead) pig in half (made me want pork chops – ed), and most impressively, cut free hanging thick ropes in two pieces.

The one part that really got my attention though was when they demonstrated the stabbing ability of some of their knives/swords by ramming the blade through the hood of a car; which while not the toughest metal in the world is still the hood of a car.

I suppose what’s really interesting is that they refer to all of their swords and such as combat weapons, and I suppose I can see why.  These certainly aren’t wall-hangers or cheap pot-metal blades.  Actually, I got a Cold Steel Recon Tanto for my younger brother for Christmas, and he loves the thing.   I personally go back and forth on the issue of carrying a knife as a combat weapon, on the one hand, I suppose it does beat a pocket full of rocks or your bare hands, but on the flip side, if you have to use it that means you’re in a knife fight, which is the worst kind of CQB encounter out there.

The other sticky issue about edged weapon is that the legality of them varies tremendously from state to state, especially if you want to carry something more than a little folding knife.  In some places, sword canes (which are probably the best concealed edge weapon, given sufficient training) are legal, and in others they’re quite illegal.

However, if you do choose to navigate the sticky waters and carry an edged weapon for personal defense, you can do a lot worse than Cold Steel.  Also, you can request a copy of the Sword Proof DVD here.


  1. I’ve never quite understood the prohibition on carrying knives for self-defense. I mean, I have a permit to carry a firearm. I can carry a firearm loaded with the hottest .357 Magnum rounds out there, all with the good graces of the powers-that-be, yet if I have a knife with a blade over X inches, it’s illegal.

    You’d think there would at least be provisions for CCW holders…

  2. It really does vary from state to state, in some states, CCW license cover knives and other types of non-ballistic weapons, in other states they don’t.

  3. Most of Cold Steel’s wares don’t really tickle my fancy, but one of these days I shall have to get one of their Black Bear Classics. That thing is functional poetry rendered in steel.

  4. The company makes excellent blades that are well thought of in the knife community and an important part of you gear.

    Of course, like all things with the potential use of self-defense, big Gov is slowly but surely making them illegal. If you can totally disarm the populace they are then at your mercy. The right to bear arms is exceedingly important in a free society.

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