Canada & Crime

Canada, land of strict gun control laws, and multiple stabbings:

Man attacks car with sword

Two stabbed in Ottawa

Man charged with assault w/a deadly weapon with an axe

It’s almost like gun control laws have no effect whatsoever on crime.  It’s funny when people point to Canada and England as models for gun control; in England citizens are effectively prohibited from fighting back, and in Canada they appear to be rendered defenseless for the most part – although still allowed to fight back.  Just not with any kind of effective weapon.

I believe that if I’m going to have someone smashing the window of my car with a sword, that I’d much rather be able to fight back and defend myself with an effective weapon.  It’s the same pattern time and time again, when the general populace is deprived of the means to defend themselves, people will take advantage of that.  The “Risk/Reward” calculation for thugs and violent criminals has very little “Risk” from their intended victims, because they’re 99% sure that no one is armed.


  1. Not that I disagree with your premise at all, but the guy had a very effective weapon at his disposal. His car.

    One good stomp on the accelerator, and he either a) gets away, or b) the criminal gene pool gets a little bit clearer.

  2. no, I agree 100% with that; I always advise folk that their car is much more efficient weapon than even a .50 BMG in terms of stopping power/escape ability.

    However, if he was boxed in with nowhere to go, a pistol would have been nice.

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