Metallic Silhouette

Sebastian seems to have the silhouette sickness, and bad.  Not being satisfied with pegging wee little metal animals with his .22 rifle, he has now graduated to the next level of silhouette madness, specifically the handgun discipline.

Handgun is a dangerous game to get into, sure it starts with your scoped .44, but the next thing you know you’re building custom single shot handguns designed to fire crazy wildcat cartridges; you’re having nightmares about metal chickens and rams, and eventually you’re telling loved ones that you can “quit whenever you want” while rocking back and forth and clutching your Encore pistol.

In other words, it’s awesome.


  1. I may actually stick with field pistol. We’ll have to see. My 629 has iron sights on it, but I love the trigger. Field pistol allows scopes, but they have to be stock scopes. Field pistol also has to be standing, so no contorting myself into crazy laying down positions I see the big bore shooters doing. I find the small bore shooting to be too difficult with my Mk.III. The more I shoot the Mk.III 22/45, the less I like it. The main problem with it is that it just balances poorly. You can’t add grip panels. It’s a pain in the ass to clean. The trigger pull isn’t all the nice either. I may try to find myself a nice .22LR revolver for smallbore pistol. Any recommendations? I’d want something I can mount a scope to.

  2. I’d go with a Ruger single six, assuming single action wheelies are okay.

    Either that or go semi-auto and get the new Walther SP-22, it can be adapted to pretty much any role.

  3. Seb, I have a S&W 617 and I have never regretted that purchass. Its 10-shots, a sweet S&W trigger. You can get one with an 8″ barrel which will give you some very nice results at 100 yars. Also they are already drilled and tapped for a scope if you feel the need.

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