Two gun control bills in Illinois House

Two bills passed out of committee in Illinois yesterday, one was an assault weapons ban, and the other was a proposal to limit people to one-handgun-a-month purchases (like Virginia).

The debate was pretty much the usual attempts to portray semi-automatic rifles as “military style assault weapons”, amongst the usual hand wringing and histrionics that you’ve come to expect from such appeals to emotion.

A lot of the time, I think that Illinois is a lost cause, that Chicago area politics will dominate the rest of the state, and people in IL should just move to Indiana.  In fact, I’d even put together a little “Welcome to the Hoosier State” packet for people fleeing Illinois to breathe free air (well, more free I suppose).

Then I remember that giving up sucks, and people shouldn’t have to abandon their homes and their states because some legislator has decided that he knows better than you.  So contact your local representatives, Illinois residents.  I know that the Chicago area does dominate a lot of Illinois politics, but there have to be enough rural and suburban gun owners out there to make a difference.  Start calling, emailing, faxing, and writing letters.  If you don’t know who your elected State reps are, this list has their districts and contact info.


  1. Illinois frustrates me. It should be just like Indiana, and the downstate parts, away from Chicago really are. If Gary had been the big city and Chicago the smaller city, the roles of Indiana and Illinois would have been reversed I think. Indiana would have been the modern city-state dominated by the big city. Thank God that didn’t happen.

  2. It seems that some people in the military are starting to use the term “assault weapon” to refer to actual machine guns, albeit they usually refer to heavy or light machine guns.

    Of course, if “assault weapon” ever becomes synonymous with “machine gun”, we can just say that “semi-automatic assault weapon” is an oxymoron. (Most people probably think “assault weapon” means machine gun anyway… it’s not like the VPC tries to dissuade this belief.)

  3. “Ignorance is bliss” The blissful democrats proposing these stupid un-constitutional laws that only affect the law abiding are immune to logic and open discourse. They do not want to know, do not want to think, they just want to wallow at the public trough of power and preserve their positions. I will not, cannot wait til November, I am writing, e-mailing and calling all Chicago legislators and making them aware that a revolution is brewing and their fate will be foretold by the opinion of the US Supreme Court when they decide Heller.
    If the Court finds for DC, there will be a revolution by the cartridge box in any event there will be a revolution of the ballot box in November. To find out what you can do drop me a line [email protected]

  4. “I know that the Chicago area does dominate a lot of Illinois politics, but there have to be enough rural and suburban gun owners out there to make a difference.”
    Actually no there’s not at the gubernatorial level. The only chance is for every county except the 7 big dem counties to vote in Repub state reps.

    (go to for the source of these #’s.)

    In the 06 election Gov Blo got just over 1.7 Million votes. More than 1.1 Million of those votes came from 4 counties (Cook, DuPage, Lake, Will). The entire rest the candidates running against him got less than 1.8 Million from the entire state. Topinka (Repub in name only, she makes McCain look like Ron Paul) got less than 1.4 Mil votes. The Green/Socialist Whitney got 360 Kvotes. And you can’t consider him a ‘spoiler’ for conservatives since I think its unlikely many of his votes would have gone to Topinka.

    What I haven’t understood is how the Chicago Machine works so well downstate. But it surely does, in my county, St. Clair, the Dems often run unopposed by even Repubs.
    The commute from Missouri looks better every day. None the less, I do have IGOLD day scheduled as a day off. (

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