Deja vu

Right Wing Prof thinks that NICS checks are up for precisely the same reasons they went up in 1993.  Honestly, I would tend to agree, inasmuch as a lot of the pro-gun public (myself included) has kind of a bad feeling about the upcoming election.  He linked to the post I put up on the NICS data, which also shows that firearms sales are up in general.

I think that the upcoming election does have a lot to do with it; no one believes that Hillary or Obama would be good for the 2nd Amendment, and a lot of people feel kind of queasy about McCain in that regard as well.  My unease about Colonel Tigh (my wife cracked up when she heard that one, thanks Marko) would be a lot less if he picked a good running mate that I could feel comfortable about, like Fred Thompson.

There really isn’t anything Hillary and Obama could do to make me feel better about them becoming El Presidente (yes, I know the masculine form wouldn’t apply for Hillary), and even Obamarama courting Bill Richardson doesn’t help.

The bottom line is that people are buying guns in droves, and like I said before, with those guns they’re buying ammo, magazines, and other accessories.  Get your black rifles right now, and get hi-caps for those black rifles.  Get 15 round magazines for your Berettas, and 17 rounders for your Glocks before they’re banned again.


  1. It is true. I noticed many items are on back order or out of stock online. I had to hit 4 gun shops to just to find a Glock 17 at the beginning of February. Normally Academy has a full stock, but I drove halfway across the city just to find that pistol. Despite being glad I did, I got one with night sites, it is a sign that people are buying.

    Good advice, if there is something one wants to purchase they should do it sooner rather than later.

  2. Sigh… If only I had the cash. I’d love to stock up on .223 + AR mags, buy an AK and a case of 5.45, and pickup a P228 with hi-cap mags. I guess I’ll just hope Obama doesn’t push through bans right away.

  3. McCain picking a Conservative as a running mate offers hope in this no-win situation……… that being the hope that on 21 JAN 09, he keels over.

    What? It ain’t like he’s a spring chicken or anything………….

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