I love reading the news

So I can hear insightful commentary on issues that have been in the blogs for 2 or 3 months now.

With a new Senate power, GOP gun-rights advocates stall on Michael J. Sullivan’s confirmation. They’re protesting the bureau’s strict enforcement of record-keeping rules for gun dealers.

I’ve been reading about this for literally months now, LA Times.  Way to be on the cutting edge of news here.  Beyond the fact that it’s about 2 months behind schedule, the article gives a fair (for the LA Times) shake to FFL holders, and represents their quotes and the quotes of their supporters in the Senate fairly.

Despite that, I can’t shake the feeling that this editorial is one step away from whining about how the ebil gun lobby is holding up the appointment of the Sullivan to the BATFE; and that all they really want is to make sure that everyone is in compliance with the law.

Sorry, but that dog don’t hunt.  When you’re running dealers out of business for paperwork violations and messing with the livelihood of guys that I know, you’re not just enforcing the laws anymore.