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Sam & Denise at The Ten Ring are apparently moving to Virginia; which in terms of places I’ve lived is one of my favorites.  Sam does have a question about the gun laws in that area:

Is Maryland really worse than Virginia as far as gun rights are concerned?

Yeah, it is.  By a lot.  You can ask PGP-Sebastian about all the drama he had to deal with to get a carry permit in Maryland, as opposed to Virginia which has unlimited open carry and is a “shall-issue” state.

I don’t live there any longer, but they’re concerned about how the Governor of Virginia is pushing gun control legislation, and they’re (rightfully) worried that VA may become a clone of Maryland in terms of gun rights.  Honestly, I doubt it, because the pro-gun community is huge and well organized – when you look up “grass-roots activism” in the dictionary, it says “See Virginia Citizen’s Defense League”.


  1. Actually, despite having an anti-gun governor, the gun laws in Virginia just continue to improve. Even Kaine’s attempt to speed track a bill to close the “gun show loophole” got killed almost immediately in the state Senate.

  2. Oh dear gods above, yes Maryland suxx big hairy donkey parts regarding guns both all by itself and especially compared with Virginia.

    I lived in Baltimore before becoming a re-immigrating Texican, and that was during the days of Jamaican gangs violently taking over the crack trade in the inner city. The NRA was right – only the criminals had guns. Can you say over 1 murder per day in the city, averaged over a year or more? Sure you can. When DC finally reads the constitution and realizes they can’t be a state but that their independence efforts have worked, they will find themselves once again part of Maryland. And that is the only thing that will make statistics on crime in Baltimore look any better than they have for the last 20 years.

    Don’t even get me started about exorbitant taxes and police/government corruption and “traffic enforcement for revenue generation” and how everyone from there thinks there is no place in the whole world other than Maryland (maybe a Delaware beach for a week during the summer, but no farther….).

    God I love Texas…..

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