Castro Resigns

Fidel Castro has resigned as presidente and commander-in-chief in Cuba.

The odds that this will lead to an actual democracy in Cuba are pretty much slim-and-none, as his worthless brother has already been named publicly as the successor to the position, and will surely be “elected” in the sham elections coming up.

There are some folks calling for an uprising/revolution to throw off Castro’s regime during the transition of power; those people aren’t really thinking.  Raul Castro has pretty much been running the show for the past couple of years, the “transition of power” isn’t going to cause any turmoil whatsoever, because it’s in name only.

I would love to see Cuba get rid of all the Castros, and actually hold open, democratic elections instead of the fake elections they’ve been running.  I don’t think it’s going to happen any time soon; the retirement of Fidel in favor of Raul isn’t enough of a catalyst to start shooting; we’re going to have to keep waiting for that legal vacation to Cuba.


  1. Regarding your last sentence: “we’re going to have to keep waiting for that legal vacation to Cuba.”

    Hang on—you mean to tell me you aren’t allowed to go there? Who is it that is stopping you? And why?

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