Rape Whistles?

Breda talks about the absolute non-solution that is a rape whistle.

DNA evidence has linked her case to two other attacks that occurred near the university campus. Police are warning of a serial rapist-killer on the loose and are asking women to avoid situations that will put them at risk. Rape whistles have been distributed to female university students.

A while ago, I wrote two posts on women’s self defense, which can be found here and here.

I should say that I’m not opposed to rape whistles per se, but I’m opposed to them being presented as a total solution.  They’re a tool, and when presented as such with the accompanying limitations made evidently clear, can be utilized as part of a self-defense package.

A rape whistle falls into the first tier of defensive implements, and is less useful than a good pair of sneakers and skill at sprinting.  If campus security wants to issue rape whistles, that’s fine.  Good for them.  But if you’re going to send them out, make damn well sure that everyone who gets a whistle is 100% aware of their limitations.

For a realistic look at self-defense for women (and college students) check out my two posts on Women’s Self Defense, Part 1 and Part 2.

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