Sorry for the non gun blogging, but I have to talk about this.

How do you people drive those things?  The insurance company gave me a minivan while my Subaru is getting fixed after some idiot rear-ended me, and the thing is barely drivable.  Honestly, it’s all over the road, sluggish in turns and acceleration is non-existent.

It’s been a few years since I was a hale 3/c helming Dirty Bird, but that old girl was more responsive in turns than this van.

Is there some arcane magic that I’m missing the memo on?


  1. Minivans have all of the handling characteristics of larger vans without any of the cargo space.

    What’s a “hale 3/c”?

  2. You need one with a bigger engine, which I’m sure the rental agency doesn’t get as an option. Seriously, my wife’s new 08 Dodge Grand Caravan has a 4.0L V6, does 0-60 in about 8 seconds, and her big complaint is that she has to pay close attention on the freeway or she ends up cruising at 75mph.

    It’s not going to win any handling awards, but it corners pretty well, and has more than enough power to get out of its own way. Then again, when we bought the beast, I was pretty specific in requiring that we get something with plenty of power. I’ve had enough experiences being passed by semi trucks going uphill at 40mph thank you very much.

  3. I had to drive a van for a while back in the early seventies, and it was a terrible experience; they are sluggish, get blown around in a cross wind, and on slick roads they have all the navigation qualities of a drunk cow on ice.

  4. Re: Alcibiades question: What’s a “hale 3/c”?

    Hale is usually meant to indicate free from defect, disease, or infirmity.

    3/c means, in the lexicon of the USCG and USN, Third Class Petty Officer, or the lowest of the Non Commissioned Officer ranks. E-4, in the enlisted rank table.


  5. I have 4 kids so I don’t have much choice. But, I’ve been happy with my Pontiac Montana. It handles pretty well and I’ve driven enough cars to judge.

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