Indiana Supports the 2nd Amendment

The Attorney General of Indiana has signed onto an amicus brief supporting Heller in DC vs. Heller.  Indiana is part of 31 states that have expressed their support of the individual right to keep and bear arms.

Here’s a link to a map of the states which support Heller and the individual rights interpretation of the 2nd Amendment.

The breakdown is kind of interesting, 31 states have filed in support of Heller, 5 states have filed in support of DC, and 14 states have done nothing.  There were a couple of surprises for me in the 31 states supporting Heller, most notably among those was the State of Washington, which seems hell-bent on becoming a socialist utopia like California.

According to Google, most of my readers are from Texas and Virginia, both of which support Heller in the case.  Where do the rest of you guys fall?  If you’re from Cali, you’re currently “neutral”.


  1. Of course I personally support Heller and see 2A as an indivudual right. Of course as a Mass resident I’d say the majority of my neighbors are against private posession, and we have a HUGE number of the “Ban them all, and turn them in Mr. and Mrs. America” type wandering around.

    If DC’s Ban is upheld it COULD get very scary ’round here…

  2. us Michiganders tend to be pro-gun no matter how blue we vote. i move in fairly left-wing circles, and i hear a lot of “most folks can be trusted with guns, no reason to ban ’em”. there is some Fuddism here, too, what with deer season often being seen as the reason to be pro-gun, but it’s not too bad overall.

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