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Question for you guys; I’m looking at replacement/upgraded barrels for my Taurus PT92 (for a few reasons), and really the only ones I can find are from Bar-Sto.   The only thing I know about Bar-Sto comes from their unfortunate association with Mall Ninja lore; but beyond that I have no idea if they actually make a quality product that shoots well, or if I’m going to throw 200 bucks away on a crap barrel.

Does anyone out there have experience with Bar-Sto, both in terms of final product quality, ease of installation, and customer service if required?

The barrel is part of a customization project I’m doing on said PT92, which some could argue is silly to customize a $400 gun, but hey, it’s my money.


  1. I just received a semi-drop in barrel for my Sig 229 from them. It is a 9mm to go in a .40. It took forever to get (14 weeks), but it is beautiful, nice polish. It is nice and beefy, looks to be machined from a nice piece of stainless barstock.

    I have not fired it yet, but it dropped right in. I manually cycled it dry and with dummies, with no problem. I was even able to use my .40/.357 mag with the dummies.

  2. I once read on a forum where this guy whined (not my original word choice) up a storm about how one of their “semi-drop in” barrels didn’t fit his bangstick, and he “had” to send it to them for fitting. He argued everyone down that tried to point out that he was a doofus, too.

    Duh, even if it says “drop in”, it’ll probably still need to be fitted to YOUR gun.

    Other than that, I’ve heard nothing but good things said.

    But I’ve never had one, so I don’t have direct experience.

    I’d go for it.

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