We are the World

It’s rare that I have a moment that makes me want to join hands with my fellow gun owners and hunters and sing “We are the World” or Kumbayah; but stuff like this link from DooT really does it.

Bring heavy and intermediate sniper rifles under the control of the National Firearms Act.

That’s one of the stated goals of the Joyce Foundation, one of the anti-gun groups that funds the VPC.  If you’re not familiar with the NFA, it would mean that you’d have to pay a $200 transfer fee on top of the purchase price of any gun you buy that classifies as NFA.  Now, when the Joyce Foundation says “sniper rifles”, what they really mean is “all rifles other than .22s”.  Check out the link I pulled above for more information.

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  1. They seem to use .30-30s as their baseline, which of course will penetrate kevlar.

    The only 500 yard shot (by a criminal gunman) that I know about is Charles Whitman. There’s probably only a handful of such cases (in the U.S.).

    Their “anti-aircraft” argument is a load of bull, too.

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