SHOT Spotlight: Russian American Armory

I saved my coverage of the Russian American Armory Company for last, because I had to have some love for my Hoosiers.  Based out of Scottsburg, which is about an hour and a half south of me, RAAC is now the US distributor of the extremely popular line of Saiga rifles and shotguns.

Those top rifles aren’t stock Saiga’s, however.  They’re custom jobs done by Marc Krebs who is pretty much the guy to do custom work on an AK47 pattern rifle.  Obviously, they had a load of Saiga rifles and shotguns on hand, as well as the solution to one of the problems with the Saiga rifles.  Any owner of the Saiga rifles knows that you can’t get standard AK mags to work in them without some monkey-work.  Surefire Gun Mags out of Tennessee is making a line of polymer magazines for the Saiga rifles, from .308, .223, and 7.62 Ruski.  These are quality, high capacity magazines that should take a licking and keep on ticket.  They are also working on hi-caps for the Saiga shotguns, but those are still in development, but might hit some time this year.

I don’t own a Saiga, but I know a lot of folks who do and they love theirs.  With RAAC importing the rifles, and Surefire Gun Mags making quality magazines that fit without modification is an awesome development.  I’m going to keep beating this drum, but with the potential of an anti-gun presidency and Congress you need to buy a semi-automatic rifle right now.  I like the Saiga because it represents the opportunity to get a black rifle on a budget.

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  1. Any word of a price increase? I’ve heard that rumored on some parts of the intarwebs…

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