Tactical Folding Stock M1 Carbine

If you’re like me, you’re probably not a big fan of black rifles. While I’m definitely high on the Remington R-15, as a whole I’ve never really gotten into the black rifles, be it ARs or plastic AKs. However, at SHOT, I found a black rifle that I could definitely be interested in. From Auto-Ordnance/Thompson/Kahr, we have the new Tactical Folding Stock M1 Carbine, .30 Caliber.


Did I mention how much I like this? .30 Carbine is a great “assault rifle” type round according to some people, and by slapping it in a weather resistant, compact package it makes a great combat rifle. As I mentioned about the .50 BMG in the Day 2 post, guns like this are something that we should be stocking up on now; just in case we end up with an anti-gun administration.

The “new” Tactical M1 comes with a 15 round stick magazine, but will accept any hi-cap (30 round) aftermarket magazines for the original M1 Carbines as well. If you’re looking to pick up a good semi-automatic rifle for home defense purposes, but you’re turned off by ARs for whatever reason, I’d look at the Tactical M1. Sure, you might feel kind of dirty calling an M1 Carbine “tactical”, but as long as you don’t go tossing forward hand guards and all manner of lights on the thing, you should be fine.


  1. That looks like a Choate side-folder, which is a fairly decent piece of gear. Like most folders, however, it develops a bit of wobble as it ages. 🙁

  2. Actually, yeah – my first thought when I saw it was it reminded me how much the Ruger 10/22 looks like an M1 Carbine; if you put a Choate side folder on a 10/22 and put it next to that, it would look like Papa Rifle and Baby Rifle.

  3. I thought of doing that to my M1 Carbine for the same reasons, but side-folders are Verboten in the California People’s Paradise-Gulag, as are over 10-rounders…
    So I just put an Ultimak rail on it.

  4. I thought the 10/22 was based off the M1 Carbine…

    The wood version is till nicer, though.

  5. I’m a big fan of the little M1 and while I appreciate the effort to try and push it to new customers with a “tactical” name-tag I’ve got to say that I prefer the look of the old WW2 Paratrooper stock.

    Ultimak rail, a laser or holo sight, folding stock and modern ammunition- what’s not to like about a package like that?

    BTW, great SHOT Show coverage. Thanks for the excellent images.

  6. I thought the 10/22 was based off the M1 Carbine

    Not really. Completely different designs really. The M1 is a gas operated semi-automatic. The M2, which is its select fire variant, would be considered an assault rifle by some.

    The 10/22 is a straight blowback operated semi-automatic. There might be some cosmetic similarity if you dress them up in the same clothes, but they are different as can be on the inside.

  7. Ruger’s similar looking Mini-14 was based somewhat on the M-14 (.308), which in turn was derived from the Garand.

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