Trap Gun on a budget

I’m sure that a lot of shooters out there are like me, and have thought about getting into trap shooting, but because they’re not “into” shotguns are kind of put off by the high price of a lot of trap guns on the market.

H&R Firearms, which is a subsidiary of Marlin (which has now been bought by Remington) has introduced a trap model of their incredibly versitile line of of Topper shotguns.

I love my Survivor .410/.45 Colt shotgun, it’s handy and accurate.  I give H&R a lot of respect for making quality, affordable guns that get the job done.  Based on my experience with other H&R guns, if you’re looking for an entry level trap gun, you probably won’t go wrong with an H&R.


  1. The primary difference is usually in the stock, which is usually a Monte Carlo style stock; or have an adjustable comb.

    From what I understand, trap guns are built to shoot higher when pointed correctly, since most of the shots in trap are taken while the target is on the rise.

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