Purdue Exponent Gun Control, Part 2

I have to say, I’m pretty proud of the response by Purdue students to the anti-gun op-ed piece that ran on the 24th, which I blogged about yesterday.  Not one, but two excellent letters appeared in the Exponent, which quite accurately refuted the points made by the original op-ed writer.

Guns on campus, and in off-campus housing is a touchy issue, I agree 100% with that.  I know that some of the apartments in the area have a strict no-firearms policy; but at the same time I knew students who kept legally owned firearms in those apartments all the same.

I am proud of the response by several Purdue students though; I have always believed that engineers should be able to understand that a firearm is nothing more than an inanimate machine better than those hippy-dippy pot smokers at IU (I keed, I keed).

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  1. I attended Rose-Hulman. It’s difficult to imagine that letter making it into our newspaper to begin with.

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