Armed teachers

Here in the States, this story would have ended much differently.

Two Palestinian terrorists disguised in Israel Defense Forces (IDF) uniforms entered the study hall at Makor Haim High School in Kibbutz Kfar Etzion southeast of Jerusalem.

Armed with guns and knives, the terrorists managed to stab several students before armed school counselors arrived and shot them dead.

In the US, all those kids would have been killed, and we would have been treated with weeks of media coverage about evil assault weapons or some such.  In Israel, armed school employees pulled their personal firearms and took care of the problem.

People talk a lot about how if you allowed teachers to carry in our schools it would just cause a bloodbath; there would be chaotic gunfights all over the place and people just randomly shooting.  While that’s quite obviously hyperbole, I do believe that if you’re going to allow teachers to carry, then those teachers should be required to go through a training course.

I’ve advocated in the past for a “teacher carry system” that would be similar in design to the Federal Flight Deck Officer program, which allows airline pilots to carry firearms on board the aircraft.  There is a lot of training and screening that goes into that, and if we’re going to get armed teachers and administrators in our schools, then we’re going to have to climb through a lot of red tape to get there.

Guns and schools is a major hot-button issue for a lot of people.  School shootings are relatively rare compared to other forms of violence in the country, but because children are involved, they always draw a lot of media attention and the accompanying charged emotions that goes with such stories.

Frankly, I support arming teachers; I think that if someone wants to accept the responsibility and training that comes with that, then they should be allowed to carry and supported in that roll with training.  I don’t for a second want every teacher in the country to have a Beretta or a Glock, but I want responsible individuals concerned for their safety and the safety of their students to be able to legally provide for that safety, and to receive the appropriate training to do so.

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  1. I am in favor of remote controlled sentry guns in schools…

    And maybe some blinding lasers to go with them.

  2. The thing is, teachers are one of the most trusted professional group of people in our society. Most everyone in our society works with them for years, 13+ years. We can and should trust them if they are willing to carry.

    I realize most would not want to carry if given the option, and some would probably quit if they were required to carry. But, the ones that are willing, should be well trained and armed.

    Some may worry about the teacher that breaks our trust. And yes there will be bad apples in the group, and we deal with them accordingly.

    No, I’m not a teacher, but I am a parent.

  3. I don’t think most (male) PE Coaches or Assistant Principals would object to legally carrying concealed if they were permitted to do so. At least my High School had one district cop on campus at all times, and yes, he carried a revolver in a holster, clearly visible. If administrators and teachers are going to start carrying, they need to train & coordinate with the school district’s police force on contingency plans.

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