5 Days to SHOT

Five days and counting until SHOT Show 2008.  I’m having a rough go of working out my itinerary, but so far here’s a brief list of the places that are a “must see” for me.

  1. Taurus USA Booth
  2. Ruger
  3. Aldo Uberti
  4. Pietta
  5. Single Action Shooting Society
  6. Knight Arms
  7. Kel-Tec

I pretty much want to hit all the major manufacturer’s main set ups, as well as one or two custom gun makers, western booths, and pretty much whatever else catches my eye.  Additionally, there are one or two sessions being held that I definitely want to go to, including the one being run by the ATF for FFL dealers on how to not get your license pulled.  I’ll have to resist the urge to ask questions about “which ticky-tack paperwork violations are you looking for when you’re trying to run a gun dealer out of business?”

I’ll do a wrap-up on each day at the show right here at the end of the day, so Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will have evening Show wrap-ups; then the week afterward I’ll do some of the special features that I’ll be picking up during the week, talking about the seminars, new products, etc.

Think of Call me Ahab as your one stop shop for all the SHOT Show dirt.


  1. Good, Sebastian beat me to it.

    Also, I would appreciate a swing by Springfield, if you get the chance/time/inclination.

  2. ok, two requests… ok, maybe 3…

    1 go to the FN booth and find out when they plan on expanding the 5.7 line

    2 ask ruger what there plans for the S series are, im picking up a SR-9 on sat and am stoked about the possibility of a compact version or a .45 version coming out this year

    3 see if you can find out what kind of time line sig has for the .45 version of the new 250

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