Nice Shooting

Sebastian got himself a pin for silhouette.

but by the time I was on the tenth ram, my pulse rate was so high I could see my heart beat moving the rifle, and I missed.

I’m not too familiar with silhouette shooting, but I don’t think I’m mistaken in thinking that it’s not really a timed event.  My recommendation in that case is to put the rifle down and take like three or four deep breaths, then start the shot up again.  Unless of course you’re on a timer and you took too long on your previous shots.


  1. It’s a timed event, but you have plenty of time. That’s what I should have done, but I get uppity and want to take the shot.

  2. Yeah… the old there who have been doing it for a while keep telling me to calm down. But once I start connecting, I just want to keep going. It’s very hard to fight the urge, because I feel like I’ve got a good feel. One guy suggested that I want to practice picking up the rifle, and get into my stance with my eyes closed. Relax. Then open my eyes to see where I’m aiming, which should be close to the target if I’m doing it properly and consistently. Then practice dry firing.

  3. Sounds like one of my teachers. “Pick the gun up with your eyes closed, and bring it on line. If you’re doing it right, you’ll be close to the target”.

    I used to be SUPER impatient, and since I haven’t been shooting competitively for a while I still find myself rushing shots from time to time.

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