Way to go, VCDL

3 gun control measures were defeated in the Virginia Senate yesterday, thanks in no small part to the tireless efforts of the Virginia Citizen’s Defense League.  It’s important to note that the VCDL was on site as a counter protest to the “lie-in” held by Protest Easy Guns.

Curt, a fellow blogger, was actually there for the lie-in (that name cracks me right up) protest, as well as the counter-protest organized by the VCDL.  He has pictures and an excellent summary of the event here.

Now, I understand that anecdotal evidence is just that, but it’s interesting that his experience with the anti-gun crowd neatly mirrors the majority of the experience I’ve had with anti-gun protesters as well.

The overall attitude of the Anti-gunners the whole time. Every time I saw one or more, whether just walking together, talking together or at their “protest” event…the underlying tone was an unmistakable simmering anger.

He goes on to make the point that he kind of understands now why they don’t want us to have guns; it’s a projection issue.  They’re mad, rude, and angry; and apparently can’t control themselves, so they just assume that we’re mad, rude and angry as well.

Which doesn’t even begin to hold water, since the anti-gun crowd was outnumbered 2-1 by the VCDL members, most of whom were carrying firearms, and yet no one was shot.  It’s almost like responsible gun owners, are, well, responsible.