My other big announcement

So, I can’t this year because the timing (and that I’m not sure I remember how), but I’m planning on shooting in the Bianchi Cup in 2009.  I figure over a year of training time will be more than enough to get me into shape to get my ass whipped by the Galaxy-class shooters that shoot the Bianchi Cup every year.

The other night as I was watching Shooting USA, Mrs. Ahab pointed out quite correctly that it was rather odd that I wasn’t competing any more; especially considering my personality and nature, as well as the fact that I write a gun blog.  It wasn’t an easy question to answer, but I realized that I did miss shooting competitively  in more than the friendly local bullseye matches at the ranges I go to.

The biggest problem is that none of my current guns are really suited for shooting NRA Action Pistol, so I guess (damn) I’ll just have to buy a good competitive revolver.  Although, that 6 inch custom Ruger that my dad has would work pretty well (coughhintcough).  And start shooting action matches at the local level in the interim.

It will feel good to start competing again.