Indiana Legislation alert

From my NRA-ILA Grassroots alert:

On Wednesday, January 23, the Senate Committee on Local Government and Elections will likely consider Senate Bill 29, introduced by Senator Jeff Drozda (R-21). SB29 would be an important step forward in the effort to further enhance Indiana’s commonsense preemption and range protection statutes by prohibiting local government entities from regulating the lawful discharge of firearms with limited exemptions. This legislation will also prohibit local governments from imposing a minimum lot size on which a shooting range may be located.


The Senate Local Government and Elections public hearing will be held in the Senate Chamber at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 23. If possible, please be present to express your support for SB29, and regardless of whether or not you can attend the public hearing, please contact the Committee Members listed below at (317) 232-9400 and strongly urge them to support and vote for SB29!


Senator Connie Lawson (Chairwoman)

Senator Sue Landske

Senator Phil Boots

Senator Mike Delph

Senator Gary “Doc” Dillon

Senator Thomas Wyss

Senator Michael Young

Senator Bob Deig

Senator John Broden

Senator Timothy Lanane

Senator Samuel Smith Jr.

SB29 will strengthen Indiana’s existing laws which prohibit localities from passing legislation which is contrary to existing state laws, know as preemption.  Specifically, SB29 is designed to protect lawful shooting ranges from being essentially “zoned out of business” by anti-gun government officials.  Again, you can reach the members of the committee voting on SB29 at (317) 232-9400.

If possible, please attend the meeting tomorrow at 1pm Eastern time.