1. Phew. It’s hard when you know other blogger’s names and they don’t use them online. I’ve actually caught myself typing in a comment box people’s real names when I meant to use their handle. Luckily I’ve never hit submit on any of those.

    Yer still Ahab in my book, though.

  2. That’s fine, I’ve had the Ahab handle for quite some time, and will continue to use it on other people’s blogs as a nickname. It’s not going anywhere really; it’s just here I decided I wanted this blog associated with my real name.

  3. “Call Me Ahab” is an anagram of “Caleb Halma”, “Hamal”, or “Al Ham”.

    It just seemed to pop out at me.

  4. You know, stuff like that only encourages people to pronounce my real name as Kah-leeb. It’s actually pronounced Kay-lub.

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